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Owners Bob and Sybille Trombi came to the Northwest in 1993. Sybille is from Schweinfurt, Germany, and Bob is from Worcester, Massachusetts, They have 3 children, Benjamin, Liesa and Stefanie. Bob, coming from the mountains of New England, was always an avid skier and hiker. In college, he was a ski instructor and skied every chance he could get. Sybille had the Alps and surrounding mountains in her backyard and her family took many vacations to the beautiful mountains in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Before moving to the Northwest, Bob and Sybille lived in Oklahoma. When a job opportunity opened up in Tacoma, WA, they were excited.

The Trombis share how Great Northwest Cabins came to be:

Coming to the Northwest was a great prospect, especially the opportunities for mountain recreation and beachcombing. Every weekend we ventured into new mountain areas and villages. One thing that we noticed was the lack of development and economic depression in some of these small mountain communities brought on by the timber industry and other various factors. We always thought that these areas have all the makings of destination resorts with the natural beauty that surround them.

These are the areas that we as a family have loved to visit and we figured that many other families would too, if there were quality places to stay in. That’s when we bought our first piece of property and built a few years later.

We hope that you and your family enjoy your stay at one of our cabins. Our family certainly has created so many memories in these pristine places of the Great Northwest. Please enjoy a stay in one of our quality cabins. The moment you open the door you will feel at home with the personal touches, décor, quality and comfortable amenities.




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